Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night for the in conversation event with Platform artists in residence Simon and Tom Bloor. We thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and thoughtful contributions made by all!

Here are some links to a few articles and resources that were mentioned, as well as upcoming residency events at Site Gallery:

1. The Playscapes Blog

Published by American researcher, Paige Johnson, who will be speaking at Site Gallery at 5.30 pm Tuesday 16 Sept.

More information and booking here:

2. A selection of Playscapes blog posts which focus on the visionary architects and designers who have influenced Simon and Tom’s residency project

Planning for Play by Lady Allen Hurtwood:

Richard Dattner’s play cubes

Joseph Brown, playground designer and Princeton boxing instructor!

Aldo van Eyck:

4.Seventeen playgrounds

A forthcoming publication on the prolific work of Dutch, post-war architect, Aldo van Eyck. This book is authored by Anna van Lingen and Denisa Kollarova who will be speaking at Site Gallery 11 am – 12.30 pm Saturday 20 Sept.

More information and booking here:

5. When play got serious

A recent essay written by Swiss Urban planner Gabriela Burkhalter and published in the summer edition of Tate Etc.. We highly recommend this great read!

- Sara Cluggish, Site Gallery Curator

For further information on our E-Vapor-8 exhibition watch Curator Francesca Gavin’s tour here. Show ends Saturday 16th August before we welcome Simon & Tom Bloor for our Platform Residency. 

Last week to immerse yourself in contemporary screen-influenced artworks within our E-Vapor-8 exhibition.

"I like the psychedelic entertainment value, things that make me zone out, go cross eyes - as well as push my intellectual or conceptual buttons" Francesca Gavin, E-Vapor-8 Curator.