A visitor takes a great video as they explore Chi-Tsung’s beautiful installation ‘Dust’, 2014.

Latest tweets from visitors to Wu Chi-Tsung’s ‘Dust’ exhibition here at Site Gallery

Inside Crystal City 003….

Wu Chi-Tsung’s second installation at Site Gallery, part of exhibition #Dust

Dr. Sook-Kyung Lee and Wu Chi-Tsung in-conversation at the start of our Symposium at Site Gallery on Saturday!

We’re part of it! Right down to our staff’s painted nails! Yorkshire Festival 2014 

"Today we saw a preview of Wu Chi Tsung’s new exhibition Dust. The work was completely unique. The first of the two installations was dust highlighted by a projector and then projected on to a wall showing a beautiful, ever changing snowstorm of flecks of light. I’ve never seen anything like it. This made me intrigued about how the whole thing worked and why nobody had discovered it before.

The second installation was Crystal City 003. This piece consisted of many transparent plastic boxes making up building like structures. A light moving along the ground created  shadows turning the boxes into a city that was ever changing. Nebula like reflection drifted across the walls.
Chi Tsung talked about how the work compared to many cities around the world and how new things are built all the time and how we always walk the same routes through where we live  each day like the shadows moving back and forth. But also how many of us can have little or no effect to change where we live.

Well worth coming to see!

George Brazier, from Site Gallery’s ‘Society of Explorers’ after the group’s tour and Q&A with the artist.

I love the idea of art and science interacting, and part of my job as honorary curator of the Alfred Denny Museum is about using aesthetics to promote science.

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A big thank you to the wonderful Professor Tim Birkhead for an intriguing night of shared discovery in the gallery!

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Last night Tim Birkhead visited us last night with some fantastic curiosities from the Alfred Denny Museum - check out these photos of the Guillemot eggs - beautiful
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